Have you DrUpAlEd Today?

Everyone, I am wanting to plan a DrupalCamp for early May. I want to put out a few questions.
1. Duration: half day or full day
2. Date: Do you think the camp should be held on a working day or a Saturday?
3. Fee: Since I am not familiar with pricing in Taiwan, what would your suggestion be?
4. Sessions: Do you have any ideas what type of sessions do you want to see?
5. Speakers: Who do you want to see as your speakers? (keep in mind that if we need to hire them from outside of Taiwan, the fee to the camp might be higher).
6. Volunteers: Let me know if you want to volunteer to help me organize this or you only want to volunteer for the day of the event, or you want to volunteer but you don't know what you can do.

Thanks, appreciate your thoughts.

Can you provide some links about Previous DrupalCamp(s), sothat I can understand roughly what it is like. Then it may become easier to think about question 1~5.

about 6, I like to volunteer about 5~10 hours a week but not knowing what i can do. Do not want to volunteer for the day of event since I would like to attend the event if possible.



23:55. Jenny, think of one thing that i may be able to do。short translation your message. can save some of your typing chinese。if misleading, please correct.



  1. 半天或一整天?
  2. 需要在週末嗎?
  3. 參加費用多少錢較有吸引力?(當然是台幣)
  4. 那些不同主題會議較有意思?
  5. 有心儀的主講人?(由國外飛來台灣的主講人會增加大家的負擔)
  6. 有人自願幫忙籌辦嗎?或是有心幫忙卻不知該怎麼幫?或是想在"水滴夏令營"當天幫忙?都歡迎。

1. Half day is preferred. ;)
2. Saturday is great.
3. About $200 ~ $300 for general topics and maybe $500 ~ $800 for workshops (NTD)
4. Case studies
5. Have no idea but you. ;)
6. Maybe I could do some thing with this.

Take a look at these websites, Chicago: http://www.drupalcampchicago.org/, LA: http://2009.drupalcampla.com/, and Atlanta: http://www.drupalcampatlanta.com/.

Thank you so much already for commenting. I want to gather more comments until March 14th. Then, we (as the volunteers and I) will work on the plan. So, please, please please, if you can volunteer to help me plan, raise your hand!!!

Thank you Jesse, kiang, and Charles to be the first to volunteer. We need more than just 4 of us. :-)

Charles, can you post this on the front page? Thank you!


  1. 大約一至兩天,很多是兩天。
  2. 週末居多。
  3. 有免費也有收美金25塊的(例如:DrupalCamp芝加哥)。免費的DrupalCamp大多有很強的社群及贊助者。不清楚的是:25塊是可以全程參加或是只能參加一個主題會議或是某個主題會議內的一小時演講。
  4. 主題會議(session)就非常分歧:DrupalCamp洛山磯的分類-BusinessConde&DevelopmentDesign&UsabilityDrupalchixPerformance&ScalabilityShowcase&StrategySite Building讓人能以不同角度看同一個演講。
  5. 主講人更是眾多。例如我們認識的John就在DrupalCamp芝加哥New adventure in Drupal Theming
  6. 美國的每場camp大約六、七百人。也有150人的。


  1. 一天。
  2. 星期六。
  3. 收費:一半session - 500元。全程 - 800元。
  4. 主題會議(session):
    • 入門( for beginners):目標是參加camp後可架個簡單的站。
    • 模組評比( comparing modules ):目標是比較同功能不同模組的優缺點。
    • 版型評比( theme alternatives ) : 目標是比較同功能不同版的適用性。
    • 非drupal ( non drupal ) :例如 - 搞定html、了解css、小學生學PHP、MySQL簡介....,這些無關Drupal,卻少不了的背景知識。
    • 問答(Q&A):沒有特定主題,隨問隨答。
  5. 主講人:John、Jenny、Charles、Jimmy、Kay、Hom、Danny...。說不定可看一下drupaltaiwan上點數排行榜。

The fee is for the whole entire camp. So, for DrupalCamp Chicago, it was $25.00 for the whole 2 days. We will need strong corporate sponsorship in order to achieve that. In this area, maybe Charles can help us finding some funding from the 中研院 and through some contacts with big corporations or Universities.

I want to set the pricing at about $650NT for a one-day seminar so we can show our speakers some gratitude by giving them a speaking fee. I also want to see sessions that are run concurrently and repeatedly throughout the day so people would have more opportunities to attend different sessions.

Keep the fantastic ideas coming! I will put together an outline plan by the end of next week as our plan of action (attack)!

Thanks, everyone!

1. Duration: 一天
2. Date: 週六
3. Fee: 400-600 is fine. 除了講者費用,總有一些必要支出、吃吃喝喝、T-shirt...等等
4. Sessions: case study, internet trends & Drupal (open identidy!? senmantic web!?)
5. Speakers: 有厲害的外國人的話,非同步口譯可能還是需要的
6. Volunteers: 報名!

看了一些過去的drupalCamp,覺得參加Camp要有樂趣(have fun),或自drupalCamp獲益,自己需有相當的backgroud knowledge,有點像在美國課程的prerequisite。DrupalTaiwan已有許多人具有許多網路知識,但可能有更多人並不完全有這些知識,個人在drupaltaiwan網站及聚會中受益非淺(drupaltaiwan站上2006年起即有很多讀書會、分享等等),好東西應分享,因而,有個想法來整理一下,讓更多人受益。3月8日會有第一次讀書會,若大家有興趣,未來的四次讀書會除了module、theme、Q&A外,想加入主題(十五分鐘左右),以補充基礎網路知識,為了長遠使用Drupal及短期自drupalCamp得到樂趣、獲益作準備。

第二次讀書會:主題html、css。介紹使用firefox+firebug。實際修改Garland theme的style.css為實習。
第三次讀書會:主題PHP、MySQL。介紹使用vim editor及cPanel。實際修改或加入PHP code改畫面及操作MySQL資料庫來實習。
第四次讀書會:主題javascript、Flash+actionscript。介紹使用Flash CS4。實際加一段javascript及flash入drupal為實習。


have fun in drupalCamp。


Is it possible that we could have a session on Drupal in Education?
I thought this may be a good chance to attract some people who working in education and academia.
And maybe this topic could bring some funds for us.



Regarding business development and the previous question-"How many people do you think we will be able to attract to attend?", a related question will be "what is the target group for drupalCamp?", what i can think of:

  1. DrupalTaiwan lovers.
  2. other CMSers: joomla, xoops, wordpress ... etc.
  3. students.
  4. blogger(inclusive twitter...).

although 1 and 2 are the most likely, but may not have the volume. Student is a very important group. blogger may also be important. student and blogger overlays with some percentage.

In considering the volume, it is related to price. May be it is a good idea to provide STUDENT RATE(e.g. 200~300NT, or 50%off with student ID) to increase the volume.
History of non-US drupalCamp with 150 attendee may be one of the drupalCamp-taiwan reference. With this as a base, if the STUDENT RATE can attract another 500, then it will become a good 600~700 size (like many drupalCamp held in US).

Alright everyone, let's meet at 4 pm at Helen Coffee (near the Taipei main station). Please print a copy or bring your laptop so we can all look at the plan document and start to get this show on the road! Thanks everyone.


Sure, I'm be the volunteer for this camp.

如果各位願意的話,我可以貢獻一點綿薄之力、延續一些Drupal在Open Source上面的營利Model 現況。上一次的分享詳看: http://www.slideshare.net/jimyhuang/open-source-business-model-note-in-d...
I can share perspective about open source business model in Drupal if anybody interested in. Last time the slides which I shared is above.

人數 vs 場地,會是最難的部分。如果有人有150人左右的場地資源,可以便宜提供,最好不過了!
I think number of people required more expensive space. If any one who have cheap place can fill in 150 people. Please help! Leave comment here!

而主題會是今天討論的重點,希望能有完整一點的 outline。我完全同意jesselue的想法,太散的主題不太容易成就Drupal的社群茁壯。但這種大型Conference,需要比較淺近,有些沒真正用過Drupal也能夠聽的懂的。
I think the most important is sessions. I'm agree jesselue that we can't have strong group if we don't pay much attention on focus learning group. But for conference, we need some subject for who don't use drupal and would like to know how drupal to be important.

from open mind to open source~

from open mind to open source~

一些模糊的印象 ;)
1. Jenny 應該是本活動的當然主辦人
2. Jimmy 提到會協助連繫中研院等單位討論活動是否有合作空間
3. Jesselue 可以協助文案的部份
4. Julia 公司本身在提供美術相關服務,在這個活動中也許可以協助處理帳務部份
5. Tky 提到願意協助總務等工作的安排
6. Paul 表示美工部份可以協助
7. Kiang 表示協助在議程部份的安排

1. 舉辦時間設定在 5 月也許太趕,目前的建議是 7 月左右,在學生們放暑假後
2. 場地的租用預期會是較大的開銷,希望在場地的部份能夠找到國內願意協助的單位參與,理想狀況是能夠靠近捷運站
3. 也許會邀請 1 ~ 2 位國外講者參與,國內希望能夠找到 10 位講者,如果這方面有意願的朋友可以先跟小弟連繫了 ;)
4. 如果贊助商有發票方面的需求,希望能夠有公司協助處理

應該還有很多缺漏的地方,就等大家幫忙補充了 ;)

需要志工嘛? (>w< me可當志工)

--心中常存善解、包容、感思、知足、惜福 (靜思語錄)--

人人把心中的愛發揮出來,就能凝聚善的福業,形成善的循環。 (靜思語錄)

Sorry, I will post it tonight. I was so busy yesterday all day (the commercial filming took all day) and I couldn't do anything else besides taking care of my daughter. Will definitely do it today!

The updated plan is posted here. Please note that I don't have to be host (主辦人)。 If we think it is better to use DrupalTaiwan's name to host, then, we can do that do. I am just glad that I am a part of it. :-)

For each committee head, please start thinking about how many people you need on your team to get what you need to do accomplished. During our next meeting, we can start pulling more volunteers.. :-)

Thank you all so much for participating. I am sure all of you are very excited to get this show started!

Then our conference's time in which time,
is selecting looked who can work as sponsor,
In brief impossible is I.



Drupal Taiwan!

Hello Jenny, 網址好像沒辦法直接看到文章,可以看到的是 http://jenny.albin.net/node/12

也許主辦人是希望在各個工作小組間能夠有個人協助進行橫向的連繫,或是在必要時協助決策的進行,缺少這樣的角色預期會讓活動遇到許多瓶頸。 DrupalTaiwan 也許可以作為主辦單位?當然,這也需要經過站長們的同意。

I have uploaded the file here. The host should be a well known name and can attract people to attend the conference. A few organizations come to my mind:

      Drupal Taiwan
      Open Source Community

    My preference would be using Drupal Taiwan's name. Just like what kiang had pointed out, we need the website owners agreement.

    Maybe we can make it "the druParty 2010"! (Of course it will still be named "DrupalCamp") Last year I held the first druParty in March and wanted it to be an annual event. I think DrupalCamp 2010 could continue the spirit of druParty : make it annual, make it big! What do you think?

    There were about 80 people last year for only three sessions. This year "DrupalCamp" has over ten sessions(according the pdf), the level is much higher. I think there should be over 150 people to come. This will also be a target.

    Sorry for the absence last week, I was too busy in the school filming project. I'm now free to do something for Drupal!

    As for the the host, I think it's definitely okay to use Drupal Taiwan's name! After all the drupalers in Taiwan are almost one of the members in Drupal Taiwan.


    或許我們可以讓這樣的DrupalCamp成為延續去年DruParty 2009的一個盛會,讓這樣的大型Drupal活動真的可以變成年度舉辦的:年度盛會!各位覺得如何?(當然名稱仍舊是DrupalCamp)



    至於主辦者的部份,我認為用Drupal Taiwan為名義是最適合的,畢竟台灣大部分的Drupaler都是Durpal Taiwan的一份子呀!

    (自己英翻中還是怪怪的 XD)

    Updated committee list:

    Sponsors Committee: Charles
    Sessions/Tracks Committee: Kiang/Jimmy
    Location: Julia/Charles
    Material Writing: Jesse
    Facilities: TKY/Tokimaki/Hom
    Finance/Accounting: Julia/Dennys
    Graphics design/Marketing: Julia/Hana/Paul

    Please let me know if everyone knows everyone and you guys can get together to discuss your area.